Who I Am

Randall Horton holds a PhD in medical humanities with a major emphasis in ethics. water wall headHe  began teaching ethics at the college level in 2000. I’m currently semi-retired.

2 Responses to Who I Am

  1. The Greying Panther says:

    Great topic for a blog! Thank you.

    In the old days, before I became a ‘resident’ in a assisted-living facility (isn’t “resident” a strange choice of words implying, as it does, something ‘temporary’… … …not quite a ‘citizen’ [someone with rights]… … …resident equates with a temporary dweller, a nomad, solitary person

    Anyway, here I am, at 72; a retired psychotherapist original board member of The American Counseling Association, Chair of the national examining board for Mental Health Counselors, starting a blog about how to treat assisted-living folks. Like ME!

    Do I sound a bit bitter? It takes a long time to get used to this life, and a have a great deal of family support.

    How to finish? I’ll be looking for more from you. Thanks for the ear.

  2. Larry says:

    Hi Randy,
    Happy to see that you are still updating! Hope I’ll have time to read more. 🙂

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