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Meandering Metaphors as Rivers (#poem)

The Mississippi River is a metaphor for life, Mostly because Samuel Clemens made it so. At least that’s what you would’ve learned In your literature class—that a huge, meandering River held the secrets of innocence, knowledge, Guilt, and wisdom. So … Continue reading

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Suffragette, Slavery, and the Appropriation of Suffering

Controversy erupted recently over a photo shoot in which the stars of the movie, Suffragette, wore t-shirts that said, “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave.” A group of white women wearing a shirt with a message comparing themselves … Continue reading

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Tea Party Fights Corporate Abuse

The East India Company, chartered in 1600, was the first corporation in the modern sense. Members would invest capital, management would conduct the operations, and investors would receive repayment in proportion to their investments. For the first time, investors and … Continue reading

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