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Meandering Metaphors as Rivers (#poem)

The Mississippi River is a metaphor for life, Mostly because Samuel Clemens made it so. At least that’s what you would’ve learned In your literature class—that a huge, meandering River held the secrets of innocence, knowledge, Guilt, and wisdom. So … Continue reading

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On the Failed Attempt to Prevent Miscegenation in Polk County, Texas (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

“I don’t want you to be mean to nobody, now. When you go into town, you should wave And smile and say, ‘How y’all doing? Nice to see ya.’ Be nice and friendly And respectful and then be on your … Continue reading

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Horton’s Taxonomy of Racial Prejudice

It seems we keep having people make racist remarks and then proclaim, defensively, that they are not racists. Some people are so hostile that their claims of innocence are both laughable and infuriating, but others seem genuinely bemused by the … Continue reading

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