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Climate Catastrophe: Pandemic and Pestilence (#poem)

Epidemiologists and public health ethicists have been grappling for some time with the near certainly of widespread disease pandemics resulting from climate change. Changes in non-human animal migration and human migration will bring extant pathogens to new populations as warming … Continue reading

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Climate Catastrophe: The Reckoning (#poem)

Before the reckoning, The water was like glass. We would glide Across the surface, Staring into the deep As naïve as a recently Birthed Godzilla, Never knowing what Destruction our Mutation might bring

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Modern Libertarians Hate Thomas Malthus

Whether they are familiar with his work or not, many modern libertarians echo some of the ideas of Thomas Malthus when they advocate austerity in public policy. Most notably, Malthus claimed that the “poor laws” of England of his time … Continue reading

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Corporate funding of research.

Many of us are suspicious of health and safety claims based on research funded by corporations that get rich off public confidence in the health and safety of their products. I don’t really trust manufacturers of drugs or genetically modified … Continue reading

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