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Close to the Flames (#poem)

I stood outside the gates of Hell, Ready to dive headlong into flame, But you put your hand on my shoulder, Turned me toward you and kissed my face. You held me tightly against you and promised You’d protect me … Continue reading

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Twenty Ways to Ruin a #Poem

It’s best to sneak up on the reader. Change the meter, Change the rhyme, Change the tone, Or change the subject. Try to do something unexpected, Like confessing a crime Or secret perversion, Even in a Short poem.

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To Define a Thing (#poem)

He broke her spirit when he declared He didn’t even know what love is. She had only asked a simple question As she planned her own future. Whilst he resisted closing his options, He never noticed how open hers were. … Continue reading

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Confessions (#poem)

At the interview, she said, “These are some designs I’ve been Working on since I got out of jail.”   On his dating profile, he said, “I’ve finished the last course of antibiotics And feel I’m ready to date again.” … Continue reading

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Support the Troops (Remembrance Day Poem)

A farmer working in a field with his children formed A bucolic scene in the countryside, maybe. An older man crashed his bicycle and Injured his leg, or so it would seem.   On the first tour, these scenes did … Continue reading

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Own the Libs Boycott (poem)

Whatever the liberals do, You’re against it. You’d destroy their position, If you could understand it. You bought an expensive coffee pot Just to destroy in some boycott. But liberals have done something new, So you have to set fire … Continue reading

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A New Dawn (poem)

I wrote this poem at 10 am after a good night’s sleep And a satisfying breakfast. I was stone-cold sober, And not the least hung over. The sun shown brightly, Without a hint of harshness, And a nourishing breeze Preserved … Continue reading

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