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Support the Troops (Remembrance Day Poem)

A farmer working in a field with his children formed A bucolic scene in the countryside, maybe. An older man crashed his bicycle and Injured his leg, or so it would seem.   On the first tour, these scenes did … Continue reading

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Own the Libs Boycott (poem)

Whatever the liberals do, You’re against it. You’d destroy their position, If you could understand it. You bought an expensive coffee pot Just to destroy in some boycott. But liberals have done something new, So you have to set fire … Continue reading

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A New Dawn (poem)

I wrote this poem at 10 am after a good night’s sleep And a satisfying breakfast. I was stone-cold sober, And not the least hung over. The sun shown brightly, Without a hint of harshness, And a nourishing breeze Preserved … Continue reading

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Feedback (all failure is) – poem

Instead of “why is this happening?” I ask, “What is this teaching me?” I understand that all failure is feedback, And I want to grow in full self-awareness. Perhaps this rejection is telling me That I don’t deserve to be … Continue reading

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(Note: I wrote this poem by looking up “rhymezone” on Rhymezone.com and copying all the resultant rhymes. A couple of the words are used incorrectly, which is sort of the point.) It’s okay to use a rhyming dictionary, But some … Continue reading

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Cultivating Life (redux)

As Eliot would say, I buried the corpses dutifully In the garden last autumn With hopes of ghostly greetings to come.   Now, feeding them with Spikes and multicolored fluids, I wonder how they will arise, Whether they will rise. … Continue reading

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Straddling me, you shake your hair, grin, and gaze down. “What do you really want me to do?” you say. I really want you to become a fortress. I want you to be the wall against the hordes. I want … Continue reading

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