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A New Riddle of Cosmology (#Poem)

An explosion beyond comprehension sent all The ingredients of the cosmos careening through the void. Light, matter, and energy diffused chaotically, Taking billions of years (as we now know them) To fall into some kind of order, to establish Some … Continue reading

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The Mirror: Reflecting on Reflection

—Whatever happened to that thing you wrote? —Thing I wrote? —You wrote something many years ago. —I wrote many things many years ago. —But this was a thing. Someone asked for it. —Oh. —A thing. For a movie? —A movie? … Continue reading

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The proper way to grieve for a child

I hate Galveston. When I look out over the seawall, I find no peace in the sounds of wind and wave or comfort in the roiling swirls of water gently crashing into the jetties. I see only the bodies of … Continue reading

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