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Sonnet 35: You’re My All, You Bastard (#poem)

You don’t have to feel so special. We’ve all done some stuff. Lord, If you knew half the things I did, You’d wonder why I’m not in jail. You can just forget about what You done, ’cause God knows I’d … Continue reading

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The Burdened Bookshelf as Will and Representation (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

Each mover, save one Renaissance man Of fellow feeling, complained of the books And the bookshelves to display them. Why would anyone move these thousands Of miles and from house to house when They are so obviously rarely used? But … Continue reading

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Exit Strategy (#poem)

“… come out of the wardrobe, cross the line of the rainbow and be who you want to be!” Dona Onete After encouraging him to explore his “other side,” She said, “If you leave me, I will tell about this, … Continue reading

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Twenty Ways to Ruin a #Poem

It’s best to sneak up on the reader. Change the meter, Change the rhyme, Change the tone, Or change the subject. Try to do something unexpected, Like confessing a crime Or secret perversion, Even in a Short poem.

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