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Sisyphus in a Pickup (#poem)

If this were a country song, I’d say I’m so far down I have to look up to See the bottom. I used to get more Kicks than a horse in a briar patch, but the old mare Ain’t what … Continue reading

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God is in the Details (#NaPoWriMo #poem)

Some see God where Others see only Pain and suffering. I read in the news About a lady whose home Was destroyed by a tornado, Except for a closet She happened to be hiding in. She called it her prayer … Continue reading

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Seeking God in Silence

Painter Fang Min has a series of paintings featuring Buddhist monks seeming happy enough despite an insect perched on or near their faces (you can see examples here and here). When I saw the exhibit in China, a small explanation … Continue reading

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Grief and the problem of meaning making

I’ve been reading Kurt Vonnegut again. It is a bad habit I started as a teenager. When I began reading Vonnegut, I was a classic example of a depressed teenager, or at least that was how I saw myself. Looking … Continue reading

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Can we talk?

In recent months (perhaps years, now), it seems the religious and irreligious are divided more severely than ever. In response to demands that intelligent design be taught in schools or that evolution not be taught, writers such as Sam Harris, … Continue reading

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What does it mean to believe in God?

When I ask what it means to believe in God, I am really being superfluous, because it is impossible to say what it means to believe in God without first answering what it means to believe. Stating it means to … Continue reading

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Conceptual difficulties regarding God

Many people are committed to the idea of theism. When a person claims to be a theist, though, we learn nothing regarding the person’s position to any particular conception of God, so all we know about this person is that … Continue reading

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