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Frequent Death and Daily Disquiet (#poem)

So many people died that year that I developed A permanent anxiety about companion mortality. Guns, cancer, fire, and water all took people from me. After an absence of a few months, a friend once Called just to say, “You … Continue reading

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On the Sixth Meditation and Montaigne (#poem)

The most wretched and frail of all creatures is man, and withal the proudest.” ~Michel de Montaigne Budding literary critics are advised that If they do not see sex in the text, They should look for death As these are … Continue reading

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Life, Love, and Leaving in Livingston, Texas (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

In a previous century my grandfather died Only weeks after my great uncle. A few weeks later, my grandmother Made a quick trip to the grocery store And returned to find her house in flames. Having lost her brother, husband, … Continue reading

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Ancestral Burden

They say we carry the dead with us, And most are surprised by the weight. We hoist them up on our shoulders, And imagine our strength is adequate. But invariably we fault and stumble. We stagger and trip and fall. … Continue reading

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Salutations for Sally (#poem)

A poem for my wife’s birthday. Salutations for Sally  The years don’t pass slowly anymore, But there’s still time for an eternity In your eyes, in your arms, your love. Each moment a step to infinity, But time doesn’t march, … Continue reading

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Feedback (all failure is) – poem

Instead of “why is this happening?” I ask, “What is this teaching me?” I understand that all failure is feedback, And I want to grow in full self-awareness. Perhaps this rejection is telling me That I don’t deserve to be … Continue reading

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Why I Am Afraid To Die

My interest in the topic of this blog arose several years ago from a conversation with a scholar visiting from China. She had studied Christianity in China and was interested in meeting Christians in the United States and learning more … Continue reading

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