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If She Didn’t Like It (#poem cw/tw)

She spotted him across the bar, And her pulse quickened. She wasn’t surprised to see him; She knew he would be here, But she stepped outside to finish The joint she had started earlier. After a few long drags, she … Continue reading

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On Bodily Autonomy and Geriatric Femininity (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

They never ask, the old ladies. They just hug, pinch, kiss and Cuddle at will. Babies are theirs, You know, and they do love them So much. I guess it isn’t their fault, No one ever told them they aren’t … Continue reading

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Uses and Abuses of Autonomy

If you’ve studied bioethics, you know that the principles of bioethics are autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice. You also know that autonomy, especially in the early days, got most of the press. I was one of the people who saw … Continue reading

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The Problem with Telling Boys to Never Hit Girls

First, I should clarify that I do not think it is acceptable for boys to hit girls, but the admonishment to “never hit a girl” has two problems. 1. It gives tacit permission to hit other boys. 2. It tells … Continue reading

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