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Podiatry’s Failure to Uplift Soles (#poem)

“Feet don’t fail me now” Is a mildly amusing witticism Until your actual feet begin To fail in the most literal way. Maybe it’s nerve damage, An old injury flaring up, Or the onset of degenerative Disease. One thing is … Continue reading

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A Belabored Gardening Metaphor (#poem)

Fertility varies from place to place. In my hometown, cilantro would take over The yard if you weren’t careful. Some People don’t like the smell, but I loved The fragrant flood of mulch and pollen Whenever I mowed. (It was … Continue reading

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Salutations for Sally (#poem)

A poem for my wife’s birthday. Salutations for Sally  The years don’t pass slowly anymore, But there’s still time for an eternity In your eyes, in your arms, your love. Each moment a step to infinity, But time doesn’t march, … Continue reading

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Protecting the sexual rights of our grandparents

Bioethicists and experts on aging spend some time advising people on advance directives aimed at helping us make decisions about our medical care in the event of dementia or unconsciousness near the end of our lives. The idea is that … Continue reading

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Stop infantilizing old people, please

As I write this, I am 55 years old. Like most people my age, I like to think I am a “young 55” or that I look good “for my age.” As I get older, I think I have become … Continue reading

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