Ethics Training on Demand

Ethics Beyond Compliance is now an approved provider of ethics CEUs for Texas social workers, licensed professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists. Our workshops combine ethical theory with practical applications. We offer programs in both face-to-face and live, interactive online formats.


Ethics of Grief: Is there a right and wrong way to grieve? Should men and women grieve differently? Is meaning-making necessary to grief? What are ethical responses to grief?

The Dark Side of Autonomy: Most ethical codes and much of case law is based on respect for individual autonomy, but what are the implications of a full embrace of autonomy? What limits should be placed on autonomy? How do we resolve conflicts between our autonomy and the autonomy of others? When autonomy alone is not an appropriate ethical guide, what are the alternatives?

Ethics of Gender in Practice: What assumptions do we make about people in practice based on gender? Is there a masculine ethics or feminine ethics? Are there unethical expressions of gender? Are there unethical ways to respond to gender?

Ethics of Sex and Sexuality: What assumptions do we make about people based on their sexual practices or sexuality? How do we respond ethically to people whose sexual behavior seems unethical to us? How do we respond ethically to people whose sexual behavior is disgusting to us?

The Intersection of Ethics and Justice: Justice is often neglected in discussions of ethics as it seems to be a societal problem rather than an individual problem, but what obligations do we have toward promoting justice? If we are not responsible for justice, who is? What is the importance of rights, interests, development, and capabilities?


1 person – $40/hr
2 – 4 people – $30/hr (per person)
5 – 9 people – $25/hr (per person)
10 or more people – $20/hr (per person)


Randall Horton –

Sample Feedback

“Loved buzz group discussions! Liked historical background, too.”

“One of the best ethics workshops I’ve been to.”

“Great way to tie theory with practice!”

“Loved the small-group discussions and big group sharing. Loved how you tied it all together at the end as a therapist.”

“I really appreciated the buzz group discussions. Reminded me of being in grad school and to engage in different kinds of discussions than I normally have at work.”

“Very thought provoking.”

“Excellent presentation of “theories of ethics.” Liked historical references. Nice variation on ethics presentations (i.e., not just codes/rules). Gender variation helpful.”

“Loved the refresher on ethical theories and application to work. Most helpful was the discussion of central capabilities.”

“Loved the info! Great topic and perspectives – enjoyed the questions and discussions.”

“I appreciate the discussions and ability to engage participants. The three hours passed quickly.”

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