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Don’t bother saving the world

In the grand scheme of things, worlds, suns, and other fabulous celestial bodies come and go all the time, so the loss of one more wouldn’t really make any difference at all, so you can relax. And, the Earth isn’t … Continue reading

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Stupider than Stewart Lee

I’m too stupid to understand Stewart Lee. And his experiments with Brechtian Irony. He pretends to be cut from the same cloth As the smug bastards club of comedic sloth. Americans can’t understand the ribald sophistication Of the comedic genius … Continue reading

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Tea Party and the “Mask of Anarchy”

I don’t think I’m the only one to notice that Percy Bysshe Shelley‘s “Mask of Anarchy” seems amazingly relevant to current efforts to suppress the voices and will of workers around the world. So, I’ve taken the poem almost verbatim, … Continue reading

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A Realist’s Guide to Relieving Stress – Seven Tips for Reducing Tension

Know your limits. If school is too demanding or overwhelming, set aside two hours each day for meditation and exercise. Learn to say no. If your job is draining too much energy, take an extended vacation or, if that is … Continue reading

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