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Meandering Metaphors as Rivers (#poem)

The Mississippi River is a metaphor for life, Mostly because Samuel Clemens made it so. At least that’s what you would’ve learned In your literature class—that a huge, meandering River held the secrets of innocence, knowledge, Guilt, and wisdom. So … Continue reading

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Democracy Died (#poem)

Democracy died in the Senate chamber When Supreme Court justice was never heard Through a guileless force of legal obstruction. Respect for law fell like old holiday garland. A complacent nation did not demur, Thinking true fascism could not recur, … Continue reading

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Quaker Eugenics: Antinomies and Paradoxes

Some of history’s most famous and infamous hereditarians were Quakers: Samuel Morton, Francis Galton, Karl Pearson, Daniel Garrison Brinton, and Henry Herbert Goddard. In varying degrees, they exhibited a passion for knowledge and scientific research, concern for the improvement of … Continue reading

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Support the Troops (Remembrance Day Poem)

A farmer working in a field with his children formed A bucolic scene in the countryside, maybe. An older man crashed his bicycle and Injured his leg, or so it would seem.   On the first tour, these scenes did … Continue reading

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Illness as Financial Ruin (US only)

Every human who has drawn a breath has faced illness, injury, and death. The universal experience of illness creates vulnerability, loss of identity, anxiety, diminished autonomy, and fear. The inescapable battle between health and illness defines human experience and shapes … Continue reading

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Suffragette, Slavery, and the Appropriation of Suffering

Controversy erupted recently over a photo shoot in which the stars of the movie, Suffragette, wore t-shirts that said, “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave.” A group of white women wearing a shirt with a message comparing themselves … Continue reading

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From Xu Mu to Donald Trump: Do We Need An Ethics Just For Women?

In the second GOP debate, candidates were asked an inconsequential question about what woman they would want to see on the $10 bill. Three mentioned family members who were caregivers and one mentioned Mother Theresa. Other candidates did mention women … Continue reading

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