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A Bifurcated Analysis of Overly Indulgent Self-Reference and Metacriticism (#poem)

I don’t like all your self-referential poems and Confessional narratives where you just go on and On and on with your boring anxieties and Insights into a meaningless existence. I mean, just like the time you said She floated on … Continue reading

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Learn to Take a Joke, Young Man

Lately I’ve been hearing people talking about how the young people need to learn to take a joke, because, one supposes, people back in the day were never offended by anything. Of course, people back in the day were offended … Continue reading

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On Bodily Autonomy and Geriatric Femininity (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

They never ask, the old ladies. They just hug, pinch, kiss and Cuddle at will. Babies are theirs, You know, and they do love them So much. I guess it isn’t their fault, No one ever told them they aren’t … Continue reading

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Exit Strategy (#poem)

“… come out of the wardrobe, cross the line of the rainbow and be who you want to be!” Dona Onete After encouraging him to explore his “other side,” She said, “If you leave me, I will tell about this, … Continue reading

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In the Wardrobe (#poem)

Before relatives came, They set to “Straightening” up the house. All the toys, pulleys, harnesses, Leather and latex launched Hastily into the wardrobe. The professor and the lawyer, Do a dance of femininity, And lady-up for the family. The one … Continue reading

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#PleaseHearWhatImNotSaying Poetry Anthology and Me

I am thrilled to have two poems in the new anthology, “Please Hear What I’m Not Saying,” edited by poet Isabelle Kenyon. The profits of the anthology will benefit the UK charity, MIND, which promotes mental health services and support … Continue reading

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April is the Cruelest Month: Help Prevent Suicides

I’m a depressive. It has been some time since suicidal ideation, depersonalisation, and derealisation enveloped my pshche and smothered me in a warm fog. Still, being a depressive is like being an alcoholic. It never really goes away. “My name … Continue reading

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