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The Unappreciated Chef (#poem)

You cook with abandon. This is your hobby, And you embrace it With unlimited joy. Sauce pans, skillets, steamers All filled and fouled with ecstasy. Never use the same spatula twice, Never scrape the remnants in the pan. Never try … Continue reading

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Other Kinds of Hicks, Bill

I saw a documentary where comedian Bill Hicks described how a heckler once complained to him that he didn’t go to comedy clubs to think. Bill said, “Well, where do you go to think? I’ll meet you there.” Bill was … Continue reading

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Pretty Messy Things (#poem)

The poetry is pretty perhaps, And some may appreciate the aesthetics While being put off by the messiness Of the content, preferring a tidy theme. And maybe you could clean it up A bit to avoid making the prigs uncomfortable. … Continue reading

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Galena Park Memories (a story)

“Hey, Kenneth! You gotta birthday comin’ up, dontcha?” one of them blurted from the end of the counter. “Yessir,” came the diffident reply. “I think I’m gonna buy you a tractor. You think you’d like that?” the boisterous interrogation continued. … Continue reading

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Exit Strategy (#poem)

“… come out of the wardrobe, cross the line of the rainbow and be who you want to be!” Dona Onete After encouraging him to explore his “other side,” She said, “If you leave me, I will tell about this, … Continue reading

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Philosophers Sought For Charming Public Philosophy Project — Daily Nous

In Parenthesis, an initiative directed by philosophers Claire Mac Cumhaill (Durham) and Rachael Wiseman (Liverpool), has teamed up with An Post, the Republic of Ireland’s postal service, to develop a new public philosophy project. Called Philosophy by Postcard, the project … Continue reading

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In the Wardrobe (#poem)

Before relatives came, They set to “Straightening” up the house. All the toys, pulleys, harnesses, Leather and latex launched Hastily into the wardrobe. The professor and the lawyer, Do a dance of femininity, And lady-up for the family. The one … Continue reading

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