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The Ethics of Grief

It seems each time I attend a funeral, I overhear someone being criticized for grieving too subtly, too gregariously, too privately, or while dressed inappropriately. I dismiss the critics as judgmental and ignorant cranks who should have better things to … Continue reading

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Bioethicists as Public Advocates

Originally posted on Impact Ethics:
Syd Johnson calls for bioethicists to better serve the public interest by cultivating substantive and critical discussion of ethically complex issues. ____________________________________________ Although bioethicists are generally found within the walls of academic institutions, many are…

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Fitness Is An Issue For Feminist Bioethics

Originally posted on Impact Ethics:
Samantha Brennan and Tracy Isaacs remind us of the importance of fitness, not for our looks, but for our health, and not only for when we are young and energetic, but for all time. _______________________________________…

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Texas to Execute Jamie McCoskey Tomorrow

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
The Texas execution bandwagon just keeps rolling along. Texas plans to execute a man Tuesday whose sentencing hearing included a presentation by a prosecution psychologist whose testing methods for developmental disability have since been debunked as…

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Grief and the problem of meaning making

I’ve been reading Kurt Vonnegut again. It is a bad habit I started as a teenager. When I began reading Vonnegut, I was a classic example of a depressed teenager, or at least that was how I saw myself. Looking … Continue reading

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Montaigne: We’re all animals

I have a bad habit of speculating about what animals, usually my dog or someone else’s pet, are thinking. This leads people close to me to accuse me of anthropomorphism. They say I assume animals experience the world in the … Continue reading

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