Curmudgeon Rant: “We don’t have small.”

I went to see a movie yesterday, which is something I don’t often do, and I decided to order a coffee, which is something I do even less frequently. When I got to the counter, the menu said “Cappuccino, $4/$5.” It was refreshing to see that the sizes didn’t have silly names, really.

So, I ordered a small cappuccino, and the cashier told me (I should have predicted it) that they do not have small cappuccinos. I would have to choose either a medium or a large. Of course, I do know that the United States, as a group of people, has become addicted to diabetes-inducing portions of food and drink.  I also happen to think they shouldn’t force us to choose between oversized drinks and super-oversized drinks, but that isn’t what makes it the most annoying.

The most annoying thing for me is the fact that I truly do not believe anyone ever asked for a small without wanting the smallest size available. No one ever said, “Oh, you don’t have small? I will have a large then.” No, it is quite clear that anyone who asks for a small wants the $4 drink and not the $5 drink. Why rub our faces in the fact that we can’t actually order the size drink we want?

About ethicsbeyondcompliance

I hold a PhD in medical humanities with an major emphasis in ethics. I began teaching college-level ethics in 2000.
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